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John Richard Noggy

John Richard Noggy

John Richard Noggy

Funeral services for John Richard Noggy, 54, of Harpersfield Township, will be 10 a.m. Thursday at The Behm Family Funeral Home and Crematory, 175 S. Broadway, in Geneva.

Mr. Noggy died November 8, 2004, at his home.

Born November 11, 1949, in Painesville, he lived in Eastlake before moving to the Geneva area in 2000.

He was a U.S. Army veteran, serving during Vietnam, and was a 1968 graduate of Eastlake North High School in Eastlake.

Mr. Noggy worked as traffic manager for Hose Master, Inc., in Euclid.

Survivors are his wife, Patricia L. (Reuse) Noggy, whom he married June 27, 1970, in Eastlake; son, John R Noggy Jr., of Euclid; daughters, Sandra L. Noggy of Harpersfield and Janet M. Noggy of Willowick; grandchildren, Jacob N. Daly and Ryan C. Brafford; and brothers, George A. Noggy Jr., of Euclid, Louis Daniel Noggy of Eastlake and Donald J. Noggy of Eastlake.

His daughter, Lisa Kay Noggy; and parents, Evelyn (Hamilton) and George A Noggy are deceased.

Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.  The Rev. Walt Maldoff of Lakeland Baptist Temple of Eastlake will officiate the services.  Burial will be in Harpersfield Township Cemetery.

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10/31/17 01:58 PM #1    

Jeffery Shellhamer

I knew John in elementary school and junior high. Kind of lost track of him in HS. He was a good friend with Frank Martin. John was one of toughest kids I ever met. I had a fight with him in 4th or 5th grade in the boys room. I threw a quick left (which always hit its mark) but John ducked and I smashed my fist into the wall. Got bloody knuckles, and John just walked away laughing. He could have taken me down, but chose not to. He taught me a lesson instead.


Next encounter with John was Little League Baseball. I was in my first year in the minors. I was a catcher. John was at all our games, he was a natural and wanted to play so bad. But his family was so poor, he couldn’t pay the $10 fee or whatever it was. So in one of games, there was a foul ball that went over the back fence. Not only did John catch it, when he threw it back in the field, it was a perfect arc up and over, straight up and down, and I caught it. It was a remarkable feat. I was so impressed, I convinced my Dad to pay his fee to get him into Little League.


John joined the next year, He was the best pitcher the league ever seen, Then 5 years later, his team and mine met in the Pony League playoffs. John was pitching for his team and I was catching for my team. Game was tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th. 2 outs. I was up. I hit a home run on his first pitch. We won the game.


John came up to me afterwards, and said “You know you close your eyes when you swing?” He was mad,  I stole his game. I said something like “doesn’t matter John, I finally beat you”.


He never sought  my friendship after that. But I never stopped admiring  him. He taught me a lot. He helped shape my life, never met a man since that was that fast and coordinated. If you’re watching game 6 tonight of the 2017 world Series, John could have been Justin Verlander.


Loved that guy!



11/01/17 07:38 PM #2    

Judy Sellers (Zeman)

What a great memories you have about John. So good to read them. I knew John too. He was always very nice to me.

11/02/17 02:14 PM #3    

James Mignogna

I remember playing football against John and he was unbelievable, fast with great moves.  I remember trying to tackle him and just grabbed air.  I had the pleasure of meeting his younger brother about two years ago.  He was a priest and I noticed his name tag.  We talked about John and he gave me the news that he had past.  Nice post Jeff.


11/02/17 03:07 PM #4    

Jeffery Shellhamer

Thanks James,

Did you know anything of his best friend Frank Martin? He was in our class. Frank had an older brother, class of 66 I think, a football star for Eastlake North. John Martin? Anyone remember?






11/02/17 04:46 PM #5    

Kayleen Brown (Jackson)

I always thought John was a really nice guy. 

03/26/18 08:32 PM #6    

Rex Hocevar

Hey Jeffery,Yea I watched you and John go at it several times in grades 4 and5 at longfellow elementery. Actually I was a fair friend with John untill...I got a thing for your sister Dorthy one summer and John questioned why I was hangin out on your side of town round you at the baseball diamond.Reckon I can tell you now it wasn't about hangin with one tough guy or the other like I lead you to assume.Naw,it was hangin round your sister.Course I couldn't tell John that either so it was,"there 'no coke store close to your ball diamond".I lived on 357st.John on 352 and you on 359 or higher.Larry's deli had the cokes,you had me in left field for the most,and the Jones twins???,were there.You didn't like my ball playin much but your finally took me to your house which had a screened in porch or something and there SHE was!!

03/26/18 10:08 PM #7    

Rex Hocevar

sorry folks wrong name on story.Not  you Jeffery Shellhamer rather Jeffery Mathe,who is not listed on this web.,although Dorothy M.Mathe is."Won't you come home Bill Bailly",song starts.

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